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Your Choice of a gift when you get a garage conversion done with garageconversion.orgFree Solar Tube!

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  • For any complete garage conversion project


  • Any Garage remodeling or garage repair project larger than $3,500.

 Like skylights, solar tubes bring natural daylight into interior rooms and are a great add on to your garage remodeling or garage conversion project. Unlike skylights, solar tubes are inexpensive and unlikely to experience problems like rain leaks, heat loss, condensation or overheating. Solar tubes are also relatively easy to retrofit into an existing house.

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A solar tube will enhance any garage conversion or garage remodel

A solar tube consists of a clear dome that collects sunlight into a highly polished and reflective tube that reflects the light down to a diffuser on the ceiling. The light has a natural quality and is sufficient to light a small room, hallway or staircase. There are various sizes of tubes available for different sizes of rooms.

Thinking Green or concerned about global warming? Coupled with day lighting and skylights, the solar tubes substantially reduce dependence on electrical lighting. One bathroom application completely eliminates the need to turn a light on and creates a calming natural "glow" in the space.

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