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ADU – Accessory Dwelling Unit

Have you been dreaming of converting your garage into a second unit to generate additional income? Or maybe you have you been wanting to create a cozy and private place for your visotors to stay? Well, Thanks to State Senator Bob Wieckowski and Governor Jerry Brown, building a second unit or transforming a garage to an ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit is easier than ever before. Due to the huge shortage in housing and the fact that home values and rent is skyrocketing, the government has decided to take the initiative and instruct local building and safety departments to remove certain barriers that previously discouraged home owners from adding a second unit on their property. This new bill was supported by a huge coalition including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

ADU – Granny Flat – Mother In Law Suite – Garage Conversion 

Today turning your garage into a usable space has become easier than ever before. Prior to January 1st, 2017 about 90% of the request we received for a Garage Conversion in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities would have been denied. The main reason was related to prevailing setbacks requirements and of course, the need of a carport. After passing the ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit bill (SB 1069) those 2 main obstacles are almost completely eliminated bringing our success rate to almost 85% in turning your garage into a Granny Flat. Now everyone can be happy when Mother in Law comes to town!

The Process of Converting a garage to an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Please note that the process is still the same as before. Certain cities may have different requirements and all of them begin with a plan. In the city of Los Angeles for example, converting a garage to a second unit starts with a plan that shows the house’s property lines and the structures that are on it (Plot Plan). It will also include the “As Build” Plan and the proposed Conversion. In most cases the plan will call to replace the existing roof rafters, add insulation, a new electrical panel, some footing work, windows and doors, and more. Depending on the city load at time of submission, this planning process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. Once approved, you can collect accurate bids from general contractors. Remember to make sure that they are licensed and experienced in garage conversions to ADU’s Accessory Dwelling Units.

It is important to mention that the new ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations is designed for SFD (Single Family Dwellings) only. Meaning duplexes and multifamily buildings cannot create an accessory dwelling unit under the same laws.

We provide full architectural services and construction to make this process quick and efficient. If you wish to consult with an expert please contact us at: 800.742.3585

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