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The best place to start before converting garage to room is to determine what you have to work with in terms of floor, walls, access, etc. With a garage conversion you will likely have a cement slab floor and an adequate roof. If there are no windows, you will need to decide whether to install them, how many to install, and where you will place them. If your garage has finished walls you will need to determine whether the walls are insulated. If they are not insulated, you will need to make decisions about how you will insulate your new garage room conversion. You will need to plan for heating and cooling and adequate lighting and electrical outlets. Do you need plumbing in the room? If so, you will need to determine whether there is or is not plumbing in the area and what changes are required. These all come contribute to the cost of conversion.

Your next decision when turning your garage into a room will be whether to use the entire garage for your new room or only part of it. If you have a two-car garage, you might decide to finish only half of it into living space during the garage conversion process and turn the remainder of the garage into a family room. In this case, you might want to pay extra attention to soundproofing.

Converting garage to room can serve a variety of functions. Your room can be converted into everything from a garage to workout room, a garage to office, a garage to bathroom, a family room, den, home theater, home office or you could even remodel your garage into a bedroom. You might discover enough “attic” space to do an attic conversion and finish two rooms (one above the other) or to open the ceiling and design your new room with a vaulted ceiling while converting your garage to a room.

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