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Garage Game Room

If you want to convert your garage into a game room, meaning, vehicles will no longer fit in it, then you are on the right page. However, if you wish to build a completely separate unit, look into our ADU Page

Garage Game Room

Level up your garage

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamed about having their very own game room? Many of our clients turn their garage into a gaming room to have a place to send their children to when they need a break. Other clients build a man cave or a she shed to escape the kids! Investing in a garage recreational room gives you a place to de-stress and give you a reason to start using your garage.

Building your garage recreation room

How do you want to feel when you walk into your garage game room? Do you want the feel of an old-fashioned pub or maybe an arcade? Maybe you prefer subtle colors or maybe the opposite with bright and vivid colors? You can also convert it to a family gaming room. Soundproofing, wall mounts, shelves, and installation are all important features for any great game room. Whatever you need we will make it happen.

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Garage Game Room

Types of garage recreation rooms

Garage to Kids Game Room
Kids Game Room
Garage to Man Cave
Man Cave

Garage Game Room

While no two garage game rooms are identical, many of our clients enjoy a few of the same amenities. A pool tables are very popular and especially complimented with a mini bar for a man cave that will make anyone jealous. Flooring is also something to consider for your garage man cave. You can’t go wrong with hardwood floors although tile is also a great look.

Once you have an idea of what you want, we can start your garage to playroom conversion. Whether you’re converting your garage to a man cave, she shed, kids game room, or garage recreation room we will suggest the best setup for your garage. Even if your garage comes with restrictions we can still make your garage game room happen! We will start by adding any soundproofing, drywall and plumbing that you require. Painting and decor will be added next, followed by any furniture and storage space. A gaming room setup is one of the easiest garage conversions you can do an often the most fun. Our knowledgeable contractors will know instantly how to get the most out of you garage to playroom conversion. With over 15 years of experience we won’t lead you wrong.

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