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Mar 5

Making Sure Your Garage Conversion is Allowed

There are many benefits that come from converting your garage into a functional space that suits your needs. If you have been considering converting your garage you’re already aware of the perks, however you also need to make sure that a garage conversion is possible. Making sure that you know all the legal aspects of a conversion will make sure that your conversion is allowed by local regulations. If a conversion is done without the appropriate permissions you may be...

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Feb 5

The 3 main things to consider before a garage conversion

Many of us are looking for just a little bit more space in our homes. Luckily if you have an unused (or underused) garage creating more space can be as simple as converting it into a practical, useful and comfortable room. As a bonus, a garage conversion can also increase your home’s market value in addition to allowing you to use every square foot of your property. Before you dive in, there are 3 main things you need to consider....

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Dec 31

How to store and protect Christmas decorations in your garage

Now that the Christmas season is over you’re left with the daunting task of packing up and storing all of your Christmas decorations until next year. In most households the garage is the designated space for storing your ornaments, lights, garlands and other seasonal decorations. However, the garage can also be a cold and messy place which means that making sure all your décor is safely stored and protected during the entire year is a must.  These tips...

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Dec 5

Tips for converting your garage into a home gym

One of the hardest aspects of maintaining a regular workout schedule is simply finding the time to get to the gym. After a long day at work the last thing most of us want to do it get changed and fight traffic on the way to the gym. This is enough to make us discouraged and choose lounging on the couch over going to exercise. If you’re someone who has struggled with showing up to your workouts while still shelling...

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Nov 20

Garage to bedroom conversion without removing the garage door

Converting your garage into an additional bedroom is a great way to create some additional room in your home, whether you want it to serve as a guest bedroom, a new master bedroom or you need to accommodate an additional family member. A lot of homeowners choose to pursue this project without removing the garage door altogether, whether it’s to lower the cost of the project or so that they will have an easier time converting back to a garage...

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Nov 20

Converting your garage into a living space

Converting your garage into additional living space is a trend that has been on the over the past decade and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. This is especially true for homeowners who don’t have attics or basements that can serve as additional living quarters that are needed to accommodate a growing family, adult children or aging relatives. In other cases, the attic can’t be converted due to a shallow roof or the basement may not be suitable for...

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Nov 19

Preparing your garage for the winter

The cool evenings, early sunsets and chilly breeze can only mean one thing: summer is slowly but surely drawing to an end. This also means that it’s the perfect time to go venture into your garage and prepare it for the cold and wet weather that is fast approaching. These tips can help you organize and clean your garage and get it in perfect shape for the winter. 1.    Pay Attention To The Forecast When choosing a...

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Nov 19

Garage conversion ideas

Your unused garage is a well of untapped potential, and it has more uses than you can imagine. All it takes is a little imagination and effort and you can transform a cluttered and wasted space into a welcoming area that fulfills your home improvement vision. If you’re not sure of what you would like to do with your garage, these are some ideas that may help inspire your own garage conversion. 1.      Kids Playroom If there...

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Aug 26

Clearing Out Your Garage

The garage tends to become the dumping ground of the home. All of that junk is taking up valuable space and if you’re planning a garage conversion it can be quite tiresome trying to get it all out in time while making sure you don’t throw away anything important or sentimental. This is a guide for how you can clear out your garage in the most time-efficient and hassle-free way. 1. Schedule It https://atlantachallenge.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Coach-schedule-canstockphoto46807654.jpg Before you move a single box, make sure you’ve...

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Jun 20

Earning Potential: Legally Converted Garage Apartments in California

  The answer is more simple than many would suspect- garage apartments. With a garage apartment you as a home owner have the potential to turn a space you already own into a money generating space- once which would come at a one time cost and would pay for itself within a year. And the best part? Whenever your unit is empty- you are just adding another usable space with additional functionality and square footage to your home. ...

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Jun 17

Turning your garage into the perfect home office

Working from home is something has steadily been growing in popularity over the last decade, and for good reason. Avoiding stressful commutes, saving money and having more freedom are just some of the benefits that working from your own home office has to offer. In order to make sure you get the most out of the home office environment there are a few things you need to keep in mind when setting it up. 1.     The Right Room ...

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May 14

Common Garage Conversion Mistakes To Avoid

A garage conversion is an exciting home improvement project for most homeowners, as it allows them to take advantage of an unused space and transform it into a place that serves their needs, improves their quality of life and increases their property value all at once. As with anything else, the garage conversion process has a number of potential mistakes and problems that come with it. Most homeowners don’t take these issues into account before starting their conversion which...

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Apr 14

What You Need To Know Before a Garage to Apartment Conversion

If you’re considering a garage to apartment conversion you’re not alone. More and more people are realizing the benefits that this home improvement project has to offer and deciding to make the best use of the space. Some of the most common reasons for a garage to apartment conversion are people who need to the extra space in older to accommodate elderly family members or recent college graduates who are moving back home. Another common situation is that a garage...

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Mar 17

Tips For Maintaining Your Garage

The garage is unfortunately one of the most commonly ignored spaces in the house. Most people don’t consider garage maintenance as a priority, as very little time is spent in it. They’re most often in the garage when they’re leaving the home in which case the focus is on the activity at hand or coming back home when the priority is getting inside and relaxing. However, the garage is an integral part of the home, and as such it...

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Feb 10

What To Consider Before A Garage Conversion

If you’re someone who inefficiently uses their garage and you’ve been looking for a way to get more space into your home, turning your garage into a living space is a great solution to both of these problems. If you’ve been considering expanding your living space you’re probably already familiar with the cost and hassle adding a new construction to your home can be. Luckily, converting your garage is a much simpler and straightforward project. Whether you’re hoping to...

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Jan 12

The Benefits Of Converting Your Garage Into A Home Gym

If you decide to commit to the conversion, you want to be sure that the benefits you receive will be worth the effort. There are plenty of reasons you may not want to go to a regular gym. The memberships are overpriced, they have a ridiculously long list of more often than not arbitrary rules you have to follow and worst of all they tend to be overcrowded which means that you need to wait to use the...

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Dec 12

Why You Should Convert Your Garage Into A Home Office

An easy way to transition from an office to a home working environment is to convert your garage space into your personal office.  A home office allows you to create the environment in which you personally feel most comfortable working in and will help you increase your productivity as well as your enthusiasm for the work you do. There are 5 of the main advantages you will get if you decide to create an office from your garage: ...

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Nov 7

The Pros and Cons of a Garage Conversion

Increasing Space While Decreasing Costs One of the biggest pros that come with converting your garage is of course the added living space you will get that as mentioned above, you’re free to use in any way you want. It can also offer you unexpected ways to save money. A car is one of the biggest expenses most households have even setting aside the actual cost of buying a car, the insurance, regular maintenance and checkups not to mention...

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Oct 7

Garage Door Safety and Precaution

It goes without saying, garage doors, just like the other heavy metal parts that build your home, can be dangerous if you’re not paying attention. Worry not, as we will emphasize the important aspects of keeping everything under control and shed some light and proper knowledge. Monthly Inspection Many homeowners overlook and ignore these simple methods of keeping the garage clean and organized. It could cost your health and money. The important thing is to always do...

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Sep 7

Garage Sale Tips, Tricks, And Trends For 2018

 First things first; Advertising your garage sale is number one priority. Make sure you use social media for that. There is no better way to make sure everyone knows that there's a garage sale in 2018 going on than posting it on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you post some interesting items on the event. Don't underestimate the power of social media. Use paper bags to show you are an environmentally conscious neighborhood merchant. Youngsters find it very...

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Aug 10

7 Quirky Tricks For Utilizing Your Garage

Ensuring Safe Parking Parking the car can be really tricky, especially if you don't have enough space in the garage, or have some stuff or bikes lying around. All of which makes it even harder to park while trying not to bang the easily dentable doors into them. What you need to do is simply just cut out a long enough styrofoam or other soft material and wrap it around so you make a pretty hefty bumper....

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Jul 20

Four Reasons Why Owning A Smart Garage Door Opener Is A Must

The First Priority This is basically the number one priority. Adding an extra dimension of security doesn't hurt, and an even bigger issue is when you need to find a place for your high-school football trophy and keeping it nice and secure. There are two dimensions: The first one is monitoring; knowing the exact status when the doors are opened, and the second one is knowing who manually overrides the door opener. There are many foolproof security systems...

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Aug 31

10 Ways to Involve Your Kids in DIY Projects

How to Involve Your Kids in DIY Projects There are so many benefits and important life lessons that can be learned from using your hands to build something. Kids can learn about patience, paying attention to detail, planning ahead, accomplishment, how to deal with failure, perseverance, self-reliance, innovation, following directions, and so much more. These days it can be hard to get your kids to actively participate in anything that doesn't involve a cell phone; but involving your...

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Aug 17

Garage Sales: How to Maximize Your Profit

Garage Sales: How to Guide   Garage Sales  are a great way to earn some extra cash while also cleaning out some space and some unnecessary items from your garage. Just before fall is the best time to have a  garage sale  as temperatures start to relent and bring people out of their air conditioned havens. Do you know how to make the most of your  garage sale?  Below are some helpful tips to make your  garage...

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Aug 3

10 Things in Your Garage That Might Be Worth Big Bucks

Is Your Garage Harboring These Hidden Treasures? We've all seen the show- Antiques road show demonstrates just how much seemingly worthless trinkets can actually be worth. In this article we look at some items which have been shown to repeatedly fetch big money.   1. First Edition Books   Even if you aren't an avid reader, there is a possibility that someone in your past was, you would be amazed at how much certain rare...

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Jul 20

How to Paint Your Garage Floors with Epoxy

DIY: How To Apply Epoxy Floors   Why Coat Garage Floors with Epoxy? Many of you may be wondering why you would want to paint over the existing concrete with epoxy in the first place. There are multiple advantages to ditching the boring concrete floor and upgrading to an epoxy versoin instead. Here are our favorite reasons to make the switch Create an easy to clean, seamless surface:   if you have ever had your...

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Jul 6

Does Your Garage Invite Burglars? Garage Security Tips

Garage Security: DIY Tips to Keep Burglars Out   It's something most of us don't think about- We always think to lock out front doors, windows, and back doors; but what about the garage door? Or beyond that, what about the service door? Many burglars enter into unsuspecting homes through the garage; this article will discuss some simple, inexpensive, methods you can use at home in order to keep your house out of the watchful eyes...

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Jun 22

Meet the She Shed; The Feminine Answer to Man Caves

Move Over Boys. Introducing... the She Shed A new trend is exploding across social media, and seemingly, across the nation. For decades, the man cave has been the only contender in the "gender specific area of the home" category... that is until now. With appearances in big box retailers, on any social media channel you can imagine, and even in many news outlets such as Good Morning, America- it is clear that She Sheds are here to stay. ...

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Apr 27

Slideshow: Steps of a Garage Remodel

Garage Remodeling: How is it done? So you are deciding on whether or not a garage remodel or conversion could fit in with your hectic schedule, or busy lifestyle, but you're just not sure exactly what the process may be? This is a general guide to what a typical process for a garage remodel might look like. Of course, for more detailed information, give us a call, or speak with your contractor.  For full conversions, there are many, many...

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Apr 13

A Brief History of the Garage

History of the Modern Garage Did you know that the garage originally began as a separate house which was used to store automobiles? Garages are a recent addition to our concept of home building, because the autmobile is a, relatively, recent invention. it is hard to imagine a time in which cars did not exist, and as such, garages were not the staple of home buiulding that they have become today.   This infographic shows the important...

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Mar 30

Garage Conversions | FAQ

Garage Conversion faq Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our visitors! Hopefully these will answer any questions you may have. If you don't see the answer to your question, please feel free to call us and one of our friendly staff will be there to answer your question! What is Garage conversion? Garage conversion is the action of repurposing a garage to be used for another purpose than it's intentional...

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Mar 2

What Makes a Perfect Man Cave?

If you plan on joining the thousands of men across the country who have converted their garages into the ultimate man cave- then this article is for you! We will go over a few man cave essentials and must haves to get you well on your way    1.) Big Screen   You simply cannot have a "man cave" without a tv... and we aren't talking about a litle 32" screen that gets the...

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Feb 17

Maximizing Garage Storage

  Most People Are Waste Precious Storage Space ....And they don't even know it!  Having a garage is a luxury- one that some may not appreciate until they have to go without one for any length of time. Garages serve different functions for different people, but there is one universal truth that seems to resonate with all home owners: There is never enough storage space. Whether you're the big family storing childhood memories and decorations for every...

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Feb 5

How to Convert A Garage Without Losing Resale Value

Converting your garage is a big decision And many home owners are scared away from converting a garage because they fear that doing so will ultimately reduce the resale value of their home. A quick google search will pull up pages of nay-sayers, but there is one aspect to these claims that is important to recognize - the vast majority of people who are opposed to converting a garage are talking about poorly executed conversions which have no...

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Jan 20

New Garage Remodeling Projects

Commanche Garage Conversion 2015 allowed us to work on some spectacular projects. We are always very impressed by how our clients can envision their garage conversion projects, and through our time in this business, we have enjoyed each and every new design challenge put before our team.  The Commanche home is one which has received extensive rennovation from us, and houses some of our favorite projects to date, including this fabulous, vibrant, and very unique kitchen by our...

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Nov 18

Problem Solved: Fixing a Squeaky Garage Door

  * Make sure to unplug your garage door opener before doing any maintenance so that you aere not accidentally injured by someone unwittingly opening or closing the garage door.* 1. Inspect the opening mechanisms: As we are sure you have noticed, a garage door is made up of multiple mechanical parts, most of which have the potential to be the cause of your squeaky garage door . Use an air can and look at each...

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Oct 28

Garage Conversion and Remodeling Ideas

Garage conversion Start here. If you reached this page you are probably wondering about a Garage Conversion and what it takes to turn your garage into something else. Not sure if youre ready for a full conversion? Garage Remodeling may be the option for you! Click here for information on garage remodeling . Convert to a bedroom , a garage to living space, garage convert to office , a private gym, a guesthouse or just a place to...

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Oct 21

How To Apply Acid Stain to Concrete Floors

How to Acid Stain a concrete floor (a step by step guide) What is an acid stain? An acid stain is a reactive way of permanently changing the finish of your floors. The way it works is that the chemicals in the stain react with the lime that is present in the concrete . It penetrates under the surface of the concrete and leaves a translucent color, depending on the composition of the stain and your preferences. ...

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Aug 25

Garage conversion: Your at Home Stay-cation

Converting your garage correctly will not only add square footage to your home, (on an average, one square foot for the average house in Los Angeles worth $250-$350 making 400 SF of garage conversion worth $120,000 )but it can also provide a little mini get away which is something we all need. Its common in the northern or more eastern states to utilize the basement space as the “mancave” – a place for a big screen TV to watch...

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Aug 11

Maximizing Your Garage Storage: Remodeling Ideas

  Maybe a total garage conversion is a little larger of a project than youd like to take on. Or, perhaps, you don’t want to lose the luxury of pulling your car into your garage. Luckily, Garage Conversions knows exactly how to help. Outside of complete garage conversions, we also offer some fantastic ways to increase the functionality of your garage. We can help you turn your cluttered garage into an energy efficient, well organized space to store your vehicle,...

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Jul 28

Converting Your Garage is Easier than You Think

Converting your garage is easier than you may think!     Converting Your Garage Is Easier than You Think Are you thinking about converting your garage into a living room, kitchen, or other living area? The possibilities are endless. Unused garages can be converted into: -Living rooms -Expanded kitchens -Breakfast rooms -Home offices -Recreational Spaces -Home Theatres -Much more Our experts will help you decide on the best plan of action for converting your...

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Jan 9

Converting Garage Into Room | Garage Conversions LA

Converting Your Garage Into a Room One of the greatest ways to increase home value is by converting a garage into a room. There are two reasons this happens:  Square footage increase or garage remodel.  Anytime you remodel your home whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, or garage remodel you add value to the home.  Just imagine walking into a garage with concrete flooring, visible beams, that’s hot and humid, and has poor lighting. That’s not a pretty...

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