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Jun 22

Meet the She Shed; The Feminine Answer to Man Caves

Move Over Boys. Introducing... the She Shed

she shed

A new trend is exploding across social media, and seemingly, across the nation. For decades, the man cave has been the only contender in the "gender specific area of the home" category... that is until now. With appearances in big box retailers, on any social media channel you can imagine, and even in many news outlets such as Good Morning, America- it is clear that She Sheds are here to stay. 

What is a She Shed, Exactly?

We all know what a man cave is, right? For those who don't - a man cave is a term which is used to describe a room in the house designed for male entertainment, with the purpose of serving as a refuge from wives and children; a place where a man can enjoy some leisure time away from the stresses of everyday life. Well, a she shed is exactly that, except for women. 

The she sheds which are dominating social media are mostly build as separate structures from the main house, although there are many instances in which a spare room or garage have been converted for these purposes. According to the rapidly growing fan base, she sheds are supposed to be a space where a woman can step away from the stresses of daily life and embrace or focus on a hobby which she enjoys or feels is important to her. So, in order to be a she shed, and not just a shed; the space must be designed with a purpose.

Origins of the She Shed

There is no one person or company credited with creating the idea. The concept of having a space that is designated for a woman to do "what women do" is not a new one, but as far as we could gather, the first specific mention of the term "she shed" appeared around this time last year (mid 2015).

The wine bottling company, Santa Margherita has been credited for the emergence of the term in social media due to a marketing campaign launched in 2015 based on the female friendly concept. 


The most common manifestation of these female designated nooks, is in the backyard, and is created from out-of-the-box, standard sheds you can buy a big box retailers such as Lowes or Home Depot. The cost really depends on what kind of result you are seeking. If you want to build a space which has its own power source, is insulated, and is made from brick and mortar- you should anticipate spending a pretty penny. If you're design needs stop at 4 walls and a roof, then you can pick up a resin shed for under $300. There is a lot of wiggle room and variation in price- the same can be said for man caves. It is important to remember that despite having "shed" in the name; any space specifically designed for a woman to focus on her hobbies can be considered a she shed, so don't fret if you don't have a back yard! A repurposed room, basement, or even a converted garage is a perfectly fine substitute.


Design Elements

There really is no "one size fits all" guideline for what elements a she shed should contain. Think of it this way - when you think of a "man cave" what comes to mind? Sports memorabilia? Game Consoles? Beer? Sure. All of these things are very stereotypically "male" activities. She sheds can be viewed in the same way- constructed with all things stereotypically girly, like potppouri and lacey curtains and soft colors. Everyone is different, but when it comes to anything that is gender specific, there is no way to avoid generalizations or stereotypes. 

In the end it boils down to whatever makes you happy and suits your needs and wants.


We searched the web and came up with this slide show of some of the best she sheds we found, just to give you some idea of what we are talking about, and perhaps to generate a little inspiration to create one of your own.



Final Thoughts

It's about time for women to get their own self-designated area to do their own thing. It appears that She Shed is here to stay, and my thoughts are that the term will eventually become a normal part of the English lexicon, just as its male counterpart has done. With women becoming more independent and seeking out their own personal time more and more, having a place to have that need met, which is still on the homestead is a great option regardless of gender. The only real problem I see, is who gets the mini fridge?

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