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Aug 3

10 Things in Your Garage That Might Be Worth Big Bucks

Is Your Garage Harboring These Hidden Treasures?

We've all seen the show- Antiques road show demonstrates just how much seemingly worthless trinkets can actually be worth. In this article we look at some items which have been shown to repeatedly fetch big money.


first edition books1. First Edition Books


Even if you aren't an avid reader, there is a possibility that someone in your past was, you would be amazed at how much certain rare first edition of books have sod for... The best thing is - it doesn’t matter how much the original; buyer paid. First edition books dating back to the 1930's regularly sell for thousands of dollars.



old comp2. Old Computers


Now, we aren't talking about your 10 yr. old Toshiba. We're talking old computers. Especially old Apple computers. If you have an original Apple computer from 1977, you may be in real luck. An original apple computer recently sold for $900,000.


VINTAGE GUITAR3. Antique Musical Instruments


Especially keep an eye out for guitars. As an example, a 1960s Fender Stratocaster that's in mint condition can easily be sold for $12-15,000. A 1950's Gibson Black Beauty can go for as much as $30,000. So make sure to keep an eye out for any instruments lurking in your garage or attic that are from the last 60-70 years. You may end up with a small fortune!


4. Barbie Doll #1


This one is pretty specific - because in order to be worth a lot, the original Barbie really needs to be new in box. That's not to say collectors won't pay a few hundred dollars for an out of box original Barbie, but for a 1st edition Barbie in mint condition, in the box? You're looking at $8-10,000.


toaster5. Vintage Toasters

Although not worth thousands typically, if you do find an old 1950's or 60's Toastmaster or sunbeam, you can easily sell it on eBay for about $150-200. Or if you're really lucky and have a vintage Dualit or copper toastmaster, you're looking at an item work $500-1000. The crazy thing is that toasters are incredibly easy to sell. There are even trade associations for toasters. Who knew?


perfume6. Vintage Perfume Bottles



Another one of those strange throw backs to yester-year that are sought out by collectors around the world. When it comes to these items, the perfume inside doesn't really matter. What people are really after, are the bottles themselves. Some of the vintage Tiffany and Co bottles or Lolique bottles fetch between $3-10,000 depending on the specific item. 



 vinyl7. Old Vinyl


If your parents were into Vinyl, then you may be sitting on thousands. Some records your parents probably had at one point, are now easily worth thousands.   The Beatles' Please Please Me (second edition), a first pressing of The White Album, rare singles from bands like Queen, and even the decidedly anti-capitalist Sex Pistols can score five-digit payouts. 


 vintage toy8. Vintage Toys


For the most part, these items need to be preserved in their original boxes, but even opened items can have some serious value. Consider the 1978 Luke Skywalker action figure. This tiny toy is worth an astonishing $25,000. Check out this list of 40 Most Valuable Toys by Good HouseKeeping


VINTAGE QUILT9. Vintage Quilts


Believe it or not, vintage quilts are one of the most sought after items by antiques appraisers. Homemade quilts, even used, dating back to the 19th century can be worth $5,000.


 costume jewelry10. Costume Jewelry


Even though these items may not be made with the real precious gems, some of them are worth thousands now. An original vintage salmon coral bead neckless from the 1800s can get you upwards of $30,000. Now THAT’S a return on investment.


Your Garage May Be Hiding Serious Value

So before you clean out your garage this year- make sure to dig through and find these items which used to be common, and are now worth big money!


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