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Jul 28

Converting Your Garage is Easier than You Think

Converting your garage is easier than you may think!



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Converting Your Garage Is Easier than You Think

Are you thinking about converting your garage into a living room, kitchen, or other living area? The possibilities are endless. Unused garages can be converted into:

-Living rooms
-Expanded kitchens
-Breakfast rooms
-Home offices
-Recreational Spaces
-Home Theatres
-Much more

Our experts will help you decide on the best plan of action for converting your garage. We offer a free, no obligation in home consultation, so there’s nothing to lose! We will make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Check out our testimonials to hear what our costumers think about our services.

Some Ideas to Consider:

1. Exterior Detailing

Ensure the brickwork, materials and windows replacing the garage door match well with the existing house,’ says Jeremy Leaf, housing spokesperson for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (rics.org). ‘Ask builders to fully tooth and bond the new brickwork into the old.’.

2. Floor levels

‘The garage floor will usually be lower than the floor level in the existing house,’ continues Jeremy Leaf, ‘so do try to avoid a step down into the room and raise the floor if the ceiling height allows.’

3. Access

Design the position of the door to the new room in the right place. ‘It’s best to consider what the ideal position would be, rather than going with the existing door if there is one,’ says Nigel Lewis. Work out how the door’s position will affect the furnishing of the new room — it’s no use positioning it in an ideal place in the hallway if it makes the new room awkward.

4. Natural daylight

If you can fit in extra windows to make the new space feel more like a room and less like a conversion, do so. If the garage faces into the garden, replacing one wall with floor-to-ceiling windows or folding-sliding doors will make it feel wider and much more spacious, but do consider how this will restrict the layout of the room.

5. Decorating details

Match the decorating basics to the rest of the house, but particularly to the room adjoining the conversion. This means sourcing (or having made) similar windows, doors and fittings, skirting, flooring and light fittings.

6. Room proportions

Visually change the proportions of the room by using paint colours that make it feel bigger and brighter. Keep windows uncluttered, and hang mirrors to reflect light and stretch the space visually. Shop for furniture that matches the room’s proportions; if it’s too big, the room will feel cluttered. Invest in good storage, too. Artificial lighting does an adequate job at making sure you can see where you're going, but sometimes it doesn't compare to the illumination of natural light. In that case, windows are required, and if you don't have any windows in the garage, you'll need to modify the garage structure. If you're thinking about adding windows to your new family room, however, have the job done by a professional. And it doesn't hurt to talk to a structural engineer first. One quick and easy way to let in some natural light is to replace the garage door with stud framing designed for holding windows. If your garage is large enough to accommodate it, you can extend the window framing inward to provide the room with window seating -- a spot to indulge in a little reading while you enjoy the sunshine or even a storm raging outside.

So give us a call today! Remember- if you dream it, we can build it. 

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Extra: Converting Your Garage is easier than you think!

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