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Jan 20

New Garage Remodeling Projects

Commanche Garage Conversion

2015 allowed us to work on some spectacular projects. We are always very impressed by how our clients can envision their garage conversion projects, and through our time in this business, we have enjoyed each and every new design challenge put before our team. 

The Commanche home is one which has received extensive rennovation from us, and houses some of our favorite projects to date, including this fabulous, vibrant, and very unique kitchen by our parent company, Pearl Remodeling 

commanche kitchen remodeling


Garage conversions can be particularly difficult, especially when the garage is supposed to blend seamlessly as a continuation of a room instead of being a separate, adjacent room to the house. Our recent project for this house does just that. 

garage conversion 2

Looking at this image, it is hard to imaging that this was, at one time, a garage to park a car. The space has been transformed into an ultra sleek, functional kitchen space.

close up garage conversion


Garage conversion straight on

You can view more on this project, or our other past remodeling projects simply by visiting our Gallery 


We know that often times people have a bit of reservation about the capabilities to truly convert a garage into a studio, or apartment, or kitchen, but in truth- we stick by our motto, 

"You dream it, we can build it"


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Published: 1/20/2016

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