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Oct 28

Garage Conversion and Remodeling Ideas

Garage conversion Start here.

If you reached this page you are probably wondering about a Garage Conversion and what it takes to turn your garage into something else. Not sure if youre ready for a full conversion? Garage Remodeling may be the option for you! Click here for information on garage remodeling.

Convert to a bedroom, a garage to living space, garage convert to office, a private gym, a guesthouse or just a place to put your pool table and chill with the guys. These are all real inquiries from real customers that are now enjoying their garage space more effectively, we did it for them and we’ll do a garage conversion for you!

How to Convert a Garage? Where do I start?

Stage 1 – determine the type of garage conversion that will best suit your needs, where will you park your cars, how far are all utilities from the requested area etc. (please consult with a professional contractor regarding this matter)

Stage 2 – consult an architect or a garage conversion specialist about the most cost effective way to the design your layout, also discuss city codes and regulations.

Stage 3 – acquire a permit (don’t worry, we will help you through every step of the permit process), provide a detailed plan, and submit to your local city planning department.

Stage 4 – Hire a reliable general contractor to convert your garage. Of course we encourage you to shop around, but we are confident that you will find Garage Conversions to be unsurpassed in customer satisfaction, value, and quality of work.

So now that you have a general idea as to what to expect, now comes the fun part of the process, deciding what to do with your garage! Here are some options that will hopefully inspire you for your garage conversion!


1. Garage to Office

More and more people in the US are working remotely, and as such, the demands on the available space in a home are also increasing. Increase your work flow, avoid distractions, and compartmentalize your work by converting your garage into an office

Garage to Office
This garage office belongs to a professor who wanted a more "open-air" feel to his work space.
Garage to office
A more traditional design, this client enjoys a nice window view from their converted garage
garage to office
This garage conversion blends a home office and a small seating area complete with a couch for guests
garage to office
Although a tiny garage, this space took minimal reconstruction to make a beautiful contemporary office


2. Converting Garage to Game Room

Maybe you want a little recreation from your garage conversion. These once cluttered garages are now a place for family fun, or a little escape from the stresses of daily life

Garage to Game Room
This large garage has become the perfect place to enjoy some family fun.
Garage to Game Room
This garage is less separated from the home, and has allowed for a complete home entertainment experience
Garage to Game Room
Growing families need space to grow. This garage conversion gives the children a safe place to play
Garage to Game Room
And from the outside, you would never know the perfect game room is beyond these doors

3. Converting Garage to Apartment

Many of our clients are interested in a complete garage conversion which changes their existing garage into an apartment. it is important to note that not all counties and jurisdictions allow for this kind of remodel, but we will help you to find out if this is an option for you. Integrity is of the utmost importance- all of our garage conversions are under valid permit and are 100% legal. For more information on converting your garage into an apartment you can view our FAQ Page or our article about converting a garage to an apartment

Garage to Apartment
This single car garage made for a compact, studio style apartment.
Garage to Apartment
A beautiful contemporary design, this garage conversion created a spacious studio apartment. The specialty doors add a touch of elegance and style
Garage to Apartment
Garage apartments are always compact, for a single person they can house all of the amenities of a full sized apartment
Garage to Apartment
Garage apartments can even include a separate washer and dryer. Any garage apartment should have plumbing and electric!
There are so many possibilities when deciding how to convert a garage You can view our Gallery for more ideas!

The most important thing to remember when converting your garage, is to go with contractors you trust and feel comfortable with. You will be seeing a lot of each other, and considering the size of investment a complete garage conversion is, you want to make sure that you check and double check any potential contractor to make sure you end up with the garage conversion of your dreams.
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Published: 10/28/2015

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