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Jul 6

Does Your Garage Invite Burglars? Garage Security Tips

Garage Security: DIY Tips to Keep Burglars Out

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It's something most of us don't think about-

We always think to lock out front doors, windows, and back doors; but what about the garage door? Or beyond that, what about the service door? Many burglars enter into unsuspecting homes through the garage; this article will discuss some simple, inexpensive, methods you can use at home in order to keep your house out of the watchful eyes of home intruders.


1. Fishing: What It Is and How You Can Protect Yourself

garage security fishing

This method (also referred to as fishing, or push and probe) is one of the most common points of entry burglars use to invade a home via the garage. It uses the garage door's own safety features against it, allowing for an intruder to simply open a garage door. 

Every garage door has some sort of release mechanism. Having this mechanism allows the garage door to be opened or closed when the automatic opener is damaged. The would-be home invaders use some length of wire to release the mechanism which leaves the door wide open without any appearance of forced entry,

Newer garage door opener manufacturers have wised up to this tactic in recent years; altering their opener designs to either require that the release be pulled in a straight down motion, or enclosing the release in a wire cage preventing the release from being pulled. Garage doors with windows are especially vulnerable to this kind of intrusion. 

The Solution: any way in which you can secure the line so that it is not able to be pulled can work. You can tape the cord from the opener so that it is flush with the ceiling, 

2. Motion Sensor Lights

garage security light

You may be surprised at how effective motion sensor lights are in preventing home intrusions. You have to remember - the overwhelming majority of burglars want to avoid detection at any cost. Studies on inmates who had burglaries on their criminal record reported that the overall consensus is that these individuals want to slip in, grab everything they can, and slip out without anyone being the wiser. When picking a house to burglarize, these offenders listed motion lights as a major deterrent. Why? Because they don't want to risk a light coming on which will either alert the home owners of their presence, or leave them exposed to neighbors and passersby.

Installation of these types of lights is relatively easy, and you can get them at pretty much any bog box hardware store. 

3. Inexpensive Sensors

garage security sensor

You can pick up a set of these anywhere, and for less than $15, it is an investment worth making. They work using a magnetic strip, if the two pieces of the sensor are too far apart, the alarm or chime sounds. I use these in my own home, and was able to purchase a set of two of them for around $12 on Amazon. These little sensors pack a real punch. My set play an alarm at an ear shattering 120db!

Most burglars will "case" out houses to determine their viability as targets and what risks may be involved when attempting to make the intrusion. If you use the "chime" function regularly, it may just be the one thing that makes a potential home invader think twice about targeting your home.


4. Lock The Track 

garage security lock

Sometimes garage security is as simple as a lock and key. Utilizing this method reinforces your garage door which may otherwise be suceptible to being pried open with a crowbar. A heavy duty lock is a great way to prevent access to your garage. If your track system does not have a slot fo a lock, you can easily drill one. Just be careful to not warp or band the tracks while doing so.

5. Garage Defender

garage security defender

If your garage door meets the requirements for this nifty little locking mechanism, then this is a viable option to increase your garage security. It is bolted into the concrete on both sides, and is very sturdy. They are a little pricey, coming in at just over $100 it is not the cheapest method on our list, but it is absolutely one to consider.


Additional Information:

  • One of the biggest vulnerabilities in garage security is that people don't often remember to actually lock their garage. Lock your garage.
  • Make sure that the door between the garage and your residence has a strong deadbolt lock
  • Also avoid planning large shrubs or other plants which would make it easier for a burglar to hide - they seek out places which offer good cover and ample places to stay out of sight. Buses offer that, so keep landscaping neat 
  • If you garage has windows, reinforce them with bars

Garage Security Has Simple Solutions

But it starts with you! Make sure to always lock your garage, keep tools put away and locked up, and teach your family about the importance of locked doors as well!


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