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Aug 11

Maximizing Your Garage Storage: Remodeling Ideas

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Maybe a total garage conversion is a little larger of a project than youd like to take on. Or, perhaps, you don’t want to lose the luxury of pulling your car into your garage. Luckily, Garage Conversions knows exactly how to help. Outside of complete garage conversions, we also offer some fantastic ways to increase the functionality of your garage. We can help you turn your cluttered garage into an energy efficient, well organized space to store your vehicle, do your laundry, and/or store your tools The possibilities are endless!

Here are some tips and tricks to help maximize the functionality of your garage space.

1.) Upgrade to Wall-mounted, Adjustable Shelving.
 Stationary shelving will have a hard time keeping pace with your growing collection of tools and supplies. On top of that, the items you need for your car project will always be vying for space with other home essentials like painting and caulking supplies, light bulbs, spare outlets and more. Upgrading to a wall-mounted, adjustable shelving system allows you to add on in the future and customize the configuration as your needs change.

Here is an example of some shelving we have done:


Garager Cabinets

These cabinets increased the amount of useable space in this garage while adding a touch of style.

2.) Get Mobile with Wheels. Mobile work areas are a must in a small garage. Put wheels on as many stationary items as you can like floor cabinets, tool chests and work benches. Furniture dollies work great for rolling around big parts bins and even transmissions! Items on wheels can be moved away from the walls to create temporary work areas or even rolled outside for an afternoon and then easily rolled back into place when you're done.


3.) Use Your Walls
Garages have plenty of wall space—so use it to your advantage! Try installing shelving units for tools and knickknacks, while hanging larger items like garden tools and bicycles on hooks. Installing a pegboard is another great use of wall space. These boards are ideal for organizing tools and cords, because your items are easily accessible, untangled and visible. By neatly storing items on your wall, you can maximize your organization and your floor’s square footage.

Garage Organizzation

In this project you can see we combined the use of built in cabinets and wall storage to open up the space. The tools are wall mounted and easy to find and use! We also added the hanging board around the garage, and as you can see, itels such as hoses and shovels which would usually create clutter are stored away easily.

4.) Paint your Concrete Garage Floor. Projects have a tendency of getting messy and if you also store your project car in the garage they don’t waste time with marking their territory. Concrete is porous so cleaning oil spots, paint drips or other spills is difficult. The glossy finish reflects more light into the room and is a breeze to clean. Don’t want paint? There are countless options when it comes to re-finishing plain, old concrete floors. Tiles, laminates, paints, you name it
Garage Floor

The floor on this project is durable and long-lasting, and creates a much more desirable aesthetic than stone grey concrete

5.) Look Up One of the biggest storage spaces in your garage isn’t on the floor; it’s on the ceiling. By using sturdy overhead racks and rafters, you can potentially double your storage without using unnecessary floor space. Ceiling storage is great for boxes, luggage and less frequently used items that you need to keep, but don’t need to pull out often.

Your garage can create tons of square footage you never knew you had! Whether its a simple cabinet install, or you want to completely renovate your garage, we are here to help every step of the way! Call us today for your free in home consult

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Publishes: 8/11/2015

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