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Feb 17

Maximizing Garage Storage



Most People Are Waste Precious Storage Space

....And they don't even know it!  Having a garage is a luxury- one that some may not appreciate until they have to go without one for any length of time. Garages serve different functions for different people, but there is one universal truth that seems to resonate with all home owners: There is never enough storage space. Whether you're the big family storing childhood memories and decorations for every holiday, the outdoorsman storing tents, bikes, and boats, or the studious hobbyist with tools galore- maximizing garage storage with these clever ideas will make sure you get the most out of your square footage.


1.) Over-Head Storage 


There is a wealth of storage space that usually goes unused- the ceiling. In fact, having professionals install a storage loft into your garage can literally double the amount of space in which you have to store things. This type of shelving is especially useful for those seasonal items like Christmas decorations. Also a great place to store memorabilia, and other items you may not use as often. 

Take it to the next level: 


You can take oover-head storage to the next level by creating a storage loft. Although this space isnt tall enough to allow walking around, it IS a secure, beautiful place to store items throughout the years.


2.) Fold out Workbench


You've heard of a Murphy bed, but how about a murphy workbench/tool box? For the most part, homeowners have to choose one or the other: either a garage is a place for your car, or it is a workshop. Rarely are both accomplished completely. This storage idea not only provides a place to organize tools without wasting space by using a big, clunky tool box; it also offers the option of variable floor space. Down when you need it, and nothing more than an ultra slim cabinet when you don't. Now that’s a good use of space.


3.) Vertical Bike Storage

This innovative take on bike storage is an even more efficient way to store bicycles than the standard bike hanging hooks you find a big box retailers. By storing the bicycles vertically, and placing them parallel to the wall instead of jutting out into the room, this storage idea adds extra floor space, by reducing the amount of storage space needed to store the bikes.


4.) Slide Out Cabinets


The possibilities are endless as to what you can store in slide out cabinets such as these. Fill them with peg board to easy, hidden tool storage, hang a rod inside to store winter coats, add shelving in order to store paints, pet food or anything else you'd like.. 

Another version of this fantastic storage idea are rolling, fold-out cabinets, Like these:


And here is what they look l;ike when closed:


This kind of cabinet is a fantastic solution for homes with single car garages; or for people with more tools or gear than they know what to do with. 

5.) Floor-to-Ceiling Built-In Cabinets

When it comes to maximizing storage space, especially in the garage, the name of the game is vertical. You want your garage to not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Unkempt, DIY shelves stacked with plastic totes can be an eyesore- and more than that- they are inefficient. With more permanent solutions, organization is easier, and we all know that organized spaces can reduce stress by eliminating the frustration of not being able to find things with ease. 

We invest a lot of money into our homes, and with good reason- investing in our garages should be no different. See how a garage remodel, or how adding any of these fantastic storage ideas can maximize your storage space by giving us a call today- you can get a free in-home consultation just for calling. Use your garage to its fullest potential, call today.

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Published: 2/17/2016

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