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Apr 27

Slideshow: Steps of a Garage Remodel

Garage Remodeling: How is it done?

So you are deciding on whether or not a garage remodel or conversion could fit in with your hectic schedule, or busy lifestyle, but you're just not sure exactly what the process may be? This is a general guide to what a typical process for a garage remodel might look like. Of course, for more detailed information, give us a call, or speak with your contractor.  For full conversions, there are many, many more steps including additional plumbing (if you opt for that),  inspections, structural changes and more. This slideshow covers a basic remodel intended for increasing organizaion or storage space in a garage.

For more information on garage conversions, or remodeling, read our FAQ at http://www.garageconversion.org/faq ! Or give us a call .

Hopefully this visual aid will help you to form a better idea of what may be involved in a basic garage remodeling project. 

Published: 4/27/2016
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