los angeles Garage Conversion

  • Do I need a city building permit for my garage conversion?

    All conversions require a city building permit.

  • Who usually submits the application for building or converting a garage?

    It is usually the architect or contractor who is building or remodeling the garage.

  • How long does it take to get approved?

    In some cases, it can get approved within 2 weeks but it can take up to 2 months.

  • Will a city inspector come to inspect my house during construction?

    Yes, usually 3-5 Inspections will occur: foundation, framing, rough plumbing, and rough electric to your final inspection.
    Our field supervisor will accompany all city inspections that are to be conducted on your property.

  • How can I convert my garage legally, where do I start?

    Well, like in most construction projects it all starts with a simple sketch and basic details of what is needed so that you can present your plan to your local planning department where you can ask specific questions about your project, you may also hire an architect or a contractor to do it in a more professional and efficient manner.

    In most cases the city would like to know what would you use your garage for? Where will you park your vehicles after you can no longer use your garage space to park your vehicles? (A new carport will be needed if one does not already exist) and of course there are also setbacks from the property line, in most cases a 5’ clearance from the side of the garage to the property line is a must!

    These are just few of the questions that will arise before the city can approve such a project, in most cases if you have enough space on your lot to park your cars and decent property line setbacks then you are good to go! The architect will draw a detailed plan implementing all city codes and regulation based on your conversion type – Living space, Rental, Office space etc. – Obtain the permit and let the building fun begin!

  • What are the most recommended garage remodel / conversion types?

    In the conversion field it all depends on your family and life style needs, some use their garage as a rental unit to get extra income, a mother in law unit, an in home office or even an extra bedroom.

    On the remodeling, simple makeovers can change a lot; our most recommended investments are in insulation, drywall, extra outlets and lighting and new garage cabinets.

  • What is the size of my garage?

    An average 2-car garage is about 400-450 SF
    An average 1-car garage is about 200-250 SF

  • What can an average 2-car garage be used for?

    400 SF of garage space is more than enough to be used as:

    1. A big studio room and small bath
    2. A small one bedroom unit
    3. A nice master suite
    4. Huge office and restroom
    5. A huge game room
    6. A recording studio
  • There are cracks in my garage floor, what should I do?

    If your cracks are small (up to 1/8”) there are several approaches:

    1. You may use an epoxy sealant just for those cracks (involves with just buying a tube and apply)
    2. You may apply a garage concrete epoxy seal (requires some expertise)
    3. Apply special concrete over layer (requires an experts hands and experience)
    4. Install new flooring type such as tile or stone (requires an expert)

    If cracks are quite big and major differences in height are starting to appear you may:

    1. Apply a special overlaying material (requires an expert)
    2. Demolish damaged areas and pour new concrete where needed (expert)
    3. Demolish entire concrete area and pour new concrete garage slab (super expert!)

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