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If you reached this page you are probably wondering about a Garage Conversion and what it takes to turn your garage into something else.

Convert to a bedroom, a garage to living space, garage convert to office, a private gym, a guesthouse or just a place to put your pool table and chill with the guys. These are all real inquires from real customers that are now enjoying their garage space more effectively, we did it for them and we’ll do a garage conversion for you!

How to Convert a Garage? Where do I start?

Stage 1 – determine the type of garage conversion that will best suit your needs, where will you park your cars, how far are all utilities from the requested area etc. (please consult with a professional contractor regarding this matter)

Stage 2 – consult an architect or a garage conversion specialist about the most cost effective way to the design your layout, also discuss city codes and regulations.

Stage 3 – acquire a permit, provide a detailed plan and submit to your local city planning department.

Stage 4 – Hire a reliable general contractor to convert your garage.

Get your inspections and permits for your Garage Conversion

Do I need a Permit?

FREE permit research

Due to many Inquires in regards to your local city permits we have assigned a designated in home garage conversion specialist to assist you with your garage remodeling, conversion, or garage addition plans based on your specific needs.

Learn more about Permits and Inspections

A garage conversion project is a simple and great way to add 200 to 400
Square feet of living space or that extra recreation room to your home.
Frequently garages are converted into bedrooms, bathrooms, and family rooms.
Due to the fact that a garage already consists of a foundation, four exterior walls
and a roof converting a garage is relatively an inexpensive solution for adding more
living space to your home, compared to building a brand new home addition,
garage to room conversion is a great and inexpensive way to add space and value to your
home without compromising your house existing design.


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