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Aug 10

7 Quirky Tricks For Utilizing Your Garage

Ensuring Safe Parking

Parking the car can be really tricky, especially if you don't have enough space in the garage, or have some stuff or bikes lying around. All of which makes it even harder to park while trying not to bang the easily dentable doors into them.

What you need to do is simply just cut out a long enough styrofoam or other soft material and wrap it around so you make a pretty hefty bumper. Install the bumper on the wall, and let it be in accordance to your car door height and the exact spot where it meets the wall. 

A Ceiling Storage System Makes The Job Easier

The most versatile way to make room for your cluttered garage is by installing a ceiling storage. It's a great way to honor the DIY culture and it doesn't break the bank to buy the materials for making the storage system. You can store your not-so-necessary stuff there, just make sure you clean off spider-webs regularly. 

Designate The Zones

Try to plan and sketch a zoning system for your garage. Draw the lines what needs storing and where it needs to be stored. You can sketch the lines and divide the garage into multiple "zones" for better observation and navigation. Not to mention, you can much easily recall where you put your stuff. 

The Wall Can Be Pretty Useful Too

This can't be more simple. You just need to cut up multiple pairs of wood and just make a decent tool rack for your spades, rakes, etc. For smaller tools, use a nifty pegboard. Just make sure you don't cut the wood too large. Hinged pegboards can be very useful too. It just depends on what you need. 

Additionally, having a wall-mounted workbench can be an absolutely fantastic component for your garage too. It can be modified to be foldable and doesn't require too much space if you are the working man in need of a serious workspace and breathing room. 

Garage Door Monitoring

This is one of the more important tasks you need to do. Having a garage door indicator is a life saver. Red for closed or Green for open; it doesn't cost much and is available at hardware stores. Many people overlook this very important gadget and nobody likes having thieves running off with your stuff. Play it safe.

Your Phone Can Be A Key

It's 2018, let's kick it up a notch. You can utilize your phone to open your garage doors. You can purchase a Bluetooth board and connect it with an app and voila! The apps and methods vary, whether you are using an iPhone or an Android.

Some Smaller DIY Tricks

Constructing storage systems are a lot easier to make than how they look. Convert your wall space into a storage system for your garden hoses, large and small tools, and ladders. Use sheets of metal as a means for better storage, and you can easily customize your storage to avoid drudging chores. Workbench covers and PVC drawers are very easy to install, and they can ease your DIY tasks. Storage shelves and file cabinets cost practically nothing if you can imagine your workspace and location. 

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