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Sep 7

Garage Sale Tips, Tricks, And Trends For 2018

 First things first; Advertising your garage sale is number one priority. Make sure you use social media for that. There is no better way to make sure everyone knows that there's a garage sale in 2018 going on than posting it on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you post some interesting items on the event. Don't underestimate the power of social media.

Use paper bags to show you are an environmentally conscious neighborhood merchant. Youngsters find it very pleasing to know that their neighbor knows a thing or two about the planet.

Organizing the most eye-catching items certainly works like a charm. Curiosity among the neighborhood knows no bounds. And remember to put a price tag on everything. There are too many shy neighbors that will never ask for the price. Additionally, you can put some bargain items in a basket with a "FREE" tag on it. That will surely attract everybody with your garage sale in 2018.

Be mindful of the date and properly schedule your garage sale. It's not always a good idea to put it in the middle of Saturday and Sunday.

People like to get away for the weekends, so always be informed when is the proper time for garage sales in your neighborhood.

Above all, when the garage sale is coming to an end, and most of your sought-after items are all sold, announce that everything is half price and tell your friends to tell their friends. This will greatly speed up the process. Do this at the last 2 hours from "closing time". Setting up bargain bins is also a fantastic idea. 

Having your kids set up lemonade stands or cookie stands is probably the most brilliant idea. It's a wholesome and neighborly gesture that never fails to make a few dollars more. Cuteness sells.
About those electronic items that require batteries; It's only fair that you show quick demonstrations how they work and notify that they need batteries. Selling old extension cords goes hand in hand with electric devices on your tab. 

Avoid long negotiations. Most of the garage sale purchases in 2018 are instant and impulsive and nobody wants to lose customers or waste their precious time. 

A crucial step in the financial paperwork department is to keep records of payments and noting every item and its price. This way you will secure a very fair and stable "economy" and you will find these papers very handy when another garage sale occurs. 

Final word; You should leave some leeway for making sure you have some small discounts applied to attract customers. Your friends and family will always expect a friendly discount. Follow these tips, and tricks for a successful garage sale in 2018. 

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