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Oct 7

Garage Door Safety and Precaution

It goes without saying, garage doors, just like the other heavy metal parts that build your home, can be dangerous if you’re not paying attention. Worry not, as we will emphasize the important aspects of keeping everything under control and shed some light and proper knowledge.

Monthly Inspection

Many homeowners overlook and ignore these simple methods of keeping the garage clean and organized. It could cost your health and money. The important thing is to always do proper inspections once in a while.

Be sure to oil the gears and the structure of the garage door to see if they are still in proper working order. If you notice any inconsistencies or squeaks, IMMEDIATELY see to it that it’s fixed and properly checked. Opening and closing it a few times is considered smart thinking.


Children’s Safety

Keep your children informed about the garage door. They tend to use it as a toy for their make believe “space shuttle”. Inform them of the safety hazards and you are good to go. The garage door remote should be with you at all times, or away from their reach. This is usually overlooked and should not be taken lightly to make sure their safety is always a priority.


Priorities and Order

Another thing that is usually overlooked by many homeowners is the order of tasks. First things first, open your garage door. Only then you should start the car. Health concerns are further put into question when your car starts to emit the toxic fumes while you are inside of the garage, and constantly breathing it in seriously damages your health.

Always open the garage door before you start your car. This way you you’re your lungs healthy and this should not be taken lightly. It’s all well when you get it in your habits.


Overlooked Mistakes

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that when you are not around the house and you leave the garage door opener inside of the car, it can be very dangerous and absolutely reckless. Many homeowners do this terrible mistake, and often they are easy pickings for evil eyes that want to use this to their advantage.

The garage door can be recognized as just another waypoint to your home. Burglars know this and they often use this to their advantage. Do not let them do this. Always keep the garage door opener hidden away from prying eyes so you won’t attract any unwanted attention, and usually these victims include not having their remote hidden away in a safe place.


Be Careful

Last thing that is worth noting when heeding this advice is to always be careful with your fingers! It sounds obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Injuries almost always tend to happen when you are badly handling the door. The door handles can be very awkward and this can be an issue. Remind your kids not to place their hands on the garage door handles while opening or closing it.


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