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Nov 7

The Pros and Cons of a Garage Conversion

Increasing Space While Decreasing Costs

One of the biggest pros that come with converting your garage is of course the added living space you will get that as mentioned above, you’re free to use in any way you want. It can also offer you unexpected ways to save money. A car is one of the biggest expenses most households have even setting aside the actual cost of buying a car, the insurance, regular maintenance and checkups not to mention the cost of gas can put a dent into your budget more quickly than you can imagine. In today’s day and age public transportation is easily available and much cheaper than using your own car, especially for the younger population. If you don’t currently have a car or you simply don’t use yours, then your garage space is wasted.

If you need more square footage converting your garage is much more affordable than an expansion. By converting it into a functional living space you also have the added option of taking on a tenant and actually making a profit off of space that would otherwise have been nothing more than an unused money drain.  This can even help you pay off your mortgage!

Uncertain Sale Value

On the other hand, if you think that you might want to sell your house in the near future, you must consider what the future home-buyers needs may be. If garages are a sought-after feature in your area, then converting yours may not be a great idea. Do some research on the market and consult with a licensed real estate agent that will be able to help you get a better understanding of the market in your neighborhood, give you an idea of what the re-sale value of your home will be after a conversion or whether the square footage of a converted garage will count towards the total square footage of the house.

Loss of Storage Space and Unneeded Junk

One of the cons of converting your garage is the loss of storage space. Since the garage is so often used as the place where anything and everything that doesn’t have a ‘true’ place gets thrown in, chances are you will have to the tedious task of going through all the dusty crates and forgotten boxes you have piled up in there.

On the other hand, this will allow you to get rid of anything that is of no use to you and serves no purpose other than taking up valuable space. Before you begin your conversion, take the time to go through everything, find the things that you want to keep and figure out a better place to store them. For everything else, you can throw it out, donate it, or even hold a garage sale. After all, you may not need 3 power drills, but someone would probably be more than happy to take one off your hands. Getting rid of the junk will add more breathing room to your house and is proven to have a positive effect on your general state of mind.

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