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Dec 12

Why You Should Convert Your Garage Into A Home Office

An easy way to transition from an office to a home working environment is to convert your garage space into your personal office.  A home office allows you to create the environment in which you personally feel most comfortable working in and will help you increase your productivity as well as your enthusiasm for the work you do. There are 5 of the main advantages you will get if you decide to create an office from your garage:

1.     Set your own hours

One of the most constricting aspects of a traditional work environment is the mandatory 9-5 Monday to Friday work week. This limits you greatly in terms of what you’re able to accomplish outside of the office, and the weekends become your only time in which to fit in all personal, family and social obligations.

When you work from home and depending on the type of work you do, you’re not bound by this kind of life. If you’re someone who simply despises waking up early you can begin your workday much later than a typical office environment would allow. You can set your hours based on the times when you feel most productive, you can take a break when you need one and you can craft your schedule in a way that will also allow you to have time for your family, friends or an important not work-related event.

Another great benefit you receive is the time you will save by not commuting to work. In some peoples cases their daily commute over a month can add up to nearly 40 hours – a full work week! When you work from home you’ll no longer have to get up at an ungodly hour to miss the morning rush and traffic jams will be a thing of the past. No more getting stuck in traffic for hours on your way home after an exhausting day at work when all you want to do is relax.


 2.     A relaxed environment

For many people, the worst parts of working in an office are their coworkers and the frustrating ‘office politics’ that seem to exist in all offices around the world. Sure, no two offices are the same; however competition and petty rivalries seem to be inevitable which can create an extremely unpleasant working environment. When one person in an office is having a bad day, it can have an effect on everyone around them. When you have your own home office, the only person whose mood matters is your own!

 3.     More family time

Through all of lives there are situations both good and bad in which we need to be with our loved ones. Too many people don’t have the opportunity to spend enough time with sick family members during their last few months because of the restrictive office schedule. Too many parents miss their children’s birthdays or school plays due to an office meeting.

When you work from home, you’re free to work around these restrictions instead of either missing out or settling for an unpaid leave which could seriously hurt your career. If you work for a company, ascertain whether they’re focused on the hours you’ve worked that day, or whether all you need to do is finish your work. However, don’t allow yourself to fall behind on your tasks due to a more relaxed policy.

4.     Less expenses

Aside from the initial cost of converting your garage, working from home will have no added expenses. When your work in an office, a large part of your paycheck goes towards your travel expenses. Most offices also have a dress code which can often mean getting a whole new work wardrobe and quality formal clothes tend to be on the pricier side. Company meals and trips can also add up pretty quickly. When you have your own office, your commute gets cut down to the time it takes you to walk there, and the dress code can be anything you want it be!

5.      Less stress

We’ve all accepted stress as an inevitable part of our work lives. And while it’s true that all types of work have the potential to create stress and pressure, its severity tends to be much lower when you work from home instead of in an office. There is no pressure to get to work on time and no stress from dealing with annoying or even outright hostile coworkers or superiors. You  will be free to focus solely on your work, and your health (both mental and physical) will greatly benefit from reduced stress levels.


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