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Jan 12

The Benefits Of Converting Your Garage Into A Home Gym

If you decide to commit to the conversion, you want to be sure that the benefits you receive will be worth the effort.

There are plenty of reasons you may not want to go to a regular gym. The memberships are overpriced, they have a ridiculously long list of more often than not arbitrary rules you have to follow and worst of all they tend to be overcrowded which means that you need to wait to use the machines you’re paying to use. All of this interferes with the main reason you’re there – to get in a good workout. Transforming your garage into a home gym eliminates all of these concerns as well as others you may not have even considered.

1. Time and Convenience

While it’s easy to promise yourself that you will go to gym for an hour three times a week that often proves to be nearly impossible to accomplish. It may seem absurd that 3 hours in a week are so hard to find, but the reality is that you actually need much more time to reach your goal.

When making the plan to go to the gym, we often forget to factor in the time we spend to pack a bag and get ready to leave, the drive, looking for parking, check in, the time spent in the locker-room, the frustrating wait for equipment, the post-workout shower, and the drive home. All of these things can add up really quickly.

When you have a home gym, all of these time-draining activities are no longer a necessary part of your workout routine. Getting in 3 or even more hours of training in a week is as simple as getting dressed, and walking to your converted garage.

2. Less Excuses

We’re all guilty of missing a workout or two because something came up. While some of these complications are indeed inevitable, the majority are simply inconveniences that we use as an excuse to skip out on the work-out. Having a home gym that is accessible 24/7 will eliminate a tremendous amount of exercise missed due to circumstance.

You can work out in the mornings before work without having to get up at the small hours of the morning in order to make it to the gym and back. Evenings are the most crowded times for nearly all gyms, and dealing with the crowds can make going in for an evening workout can feel like a hassle. Your home gym is a private space reserved just for you at all hours of the day. This will help you improve your accountability and commitment to your exercise regime.

3. Personalized equipment

While public and commercial gyms have a large selection of equipment available, it’s intended to suit a wide range of people. In order to succeed they need to be equipped to handle the demands of the general public. However, this often means that if you’re trying to follow a more personalized or specific workout regime, you either won’t find the type of equipment you need, or it will be in such a small amount that you practically need a reservation in order to get your turn. Meanwhile, you’re paying for a gym membership for a gym that is full of equipment that you don’t need.

When creating your home gym, you’re free to choose anything and everything that suits your workout needs. If you truly despise treadmills, there is no need to pay one. You can either have a more general range of machines available or you can go all out and choose only the things you need to help you reach a specific goal and that will suit your personal training style. If you don’t want a big TV in the middle of your gym distracting you in the middle of your session, don’t get one put in! Or even if you do want a TV in your gym you can simply turn it off as soon as it starts becoming a distraction.


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