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Mar 17

Tips For Maintaining Your Garage

The garage is unfortunately one of the most commonly ignored spaces in the house. Most people don’t consider garage maintenance as a priority, as very little time is spent in it. They’re most often in the garage when they’re leaving the home in which case the focus is on the activity at hand or coming back home when the priority is getting inside and relaxing.

However, the garage is an integral part of the home, and as such it should be maintained and properly cared for just as any other room in the house. An improperly maintained garage carries with it a number of risks while a well-maintained garage will only add value to your home. Luckily, this is not something that is difficult to keep up with. These are some of the main areas to focus on if you want to improve your garage maintenance.

1.     Pay Attention to Your Garage Door

The garage door is the largest functional part of your garage, and often the largest moving part of the entire home. Therefore, it’s no surprise that maintaining it properly is a task that should never be overlooked. Aside from the practical and financial aspects, a well-maintained garage door is essential for your safety. A garage door that doesn’t function properly poses a safety threat every single time it’s used.

The most common issues are a sticking, drafty, slamming or overly loud garage door. Most of these issues can be resolved rather simply, either through lubricating, replacing weatherstripping, or cleaning out the tracks. However, a persistent problem may require professional help.

2.     Protect Your Garage Floor

The floor is the base of your garage that takes a fair amount of beating from vehicles, tools and all manner of other things. A cracked or otherwise damaged garage floor can cause a slew of problems if not taken care of properly, such as leaks, structural instability of the garage, or even foundation problems for the entire home.

The best way to notice any damage to your garage floor before it has the chance to become a large problem is to routinely clean and inspect it. A great way to protect and preserve your garage floor is to look into garage flooring options that can be installed over the base concrete slab. This will serve several functions; from protecting your garage floor, making it easier to clean and keep clean, to improving the overall look of your garage and increasing the value of your home.

3.     Keep It Clean and Organized

The garage often serves as the main storage area of the home. It’s all too common to simply toss everything in with no sort of organizational system which can lead to an extremely messy garage in which you can never find anything you’re looking for. Having huge stacks of boxes, bags and various tools around your garage also makes it easy for things to get ruined and it also poses a safety risk.

If you don’t have a plan in place before you commit to cleaning out your garage, pretty soon it will go back to the same messy and disorganized state. Commit to minimizing the amount of stuff you keep stored in your garage, don’t be afraid to throw out or donate old or damaged things, or to donate others that are still in relatively good condition but are of no use to you. This will free up space in your garage that you didn’t think you could have.

When the only things that are left in your garage are the truly important ones, it’s much easier to implement a storage and organization method that will keep all of your belongings safe and within reach. Divide things into categories and label any opaque boxes and storage containers so that you always know what’s in them. This will prevent you purchasing things you already have and ending up with two or three duplicates of the same thing.

4.     Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is one of the biggest risks not only to your garage, but to everything that is inside it. Rain, wind and snow are inevitable, water damage isn’t. Inspect your garage walls, foundation and roof for any leaks, cracks and holes and never ignore any moisture stains you find. Repair the problem as quickly as possible in order to prevent the forming of mold. The purpose of storing things inside the garage is to keep them safe which is impossible to do if they’re regularly exposed to the elements.



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