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Nov 19

Garage conversion ideas

Your unused garage is a well of untapped potential, and it has more uses than you can imagine. All it takes is a little imagination and effort and you can transform a cluttered and wasted space into a welcoming area that fulfills your home improvement vision. If you’re not sure of what you would like to do with your garage, these are some ideas that may help inspire your own garage conversion.

1.      Kids Playroom


If there are two things kids have in abundance, they are energy and imagination. Creating a playroom for them in your garage is a great way to foster that energy and help them channel it into an outlet of their choice, whether it’s sports, art or just general games and fun. Depending on their ages and the space you have available you could even transform the garage into a playground with gym mats, ropes, monkey bars and swings.

2.      Guestroom

If you’re someone with a large family and friend circle, you already know how important it is to always be prepared for surprise visits. Converting your garage into a small guest room (or even a guest house) is the perfect solution for hosting your guests as it allows you to spend time together but also lets you take time apart when it is needed. You won’t have to scramble to find accommodation for everyone, and perhaps best of all: nobody has to sleep on the floor.

3.      Home Office


Converting your garage into a personal office space is the best way to transition into a home working environment. The home office will increase your productivity by allowing you to create the environment that is best suited for your personal and professional needs.

4.      Home Gym

Most of us are in too much of a hurry in our day to day lives to make the time to hit the gym regularly. Turning your garage into a home gym is the perfect way to save time and money and lower your stress while still managing to work out on a regular basis. It allows you to get your daily exercise in without dealing with commutes, crowded gyms and extravagant membership fees. As a plus, you can fill your home gym that is perfectly tailored to your personal workout needs.

5.      Art Studio


Finding a time and place to release our creativity and find our inner artist is not easy. Converting your garage into a home arts studio is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and get some much needed alone time. Whether you prefer painting, sculpture, wood working or any other form of art, having a dedicated space for your hobby in your home will allow you to pursue it much more easily.

6.      Game room

Designing a place to relax and play some games with your friends and family after a long day is one the best ways to use your garage. An unused garage can be filled with whatever games you and your circle prefer, whether it’s pool, darts, foosball, board games, video games or arcade games. Create your very own entertainment center and spend more time relaxing and having a great time with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home.

7.      Home Cinema


Who doesn’t love watching movies? It’s a great way to relax and spend an evening. However, visiting the cinema on a regular basis can become very expensive, especially when you add up the price of tickets, snacks and transport. Creating a home cinema in your garage is an investment, but it’s one that ultimately pays off.  Adding a screen, sound equipment and some comfortable chairs, beanbags or even an old comfy sofa is the fastest way to transform an unused garage into your favorite spot in the house.

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