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Mar 2

What Makes a Perfect Man Cave?


If you plan on joining the thousands of men across the country who have converted their garages into the ultimate man cave- then this article is for you! We will go over a few man cave essentials and must haves to get you well on your way 


1.) Big Screen


You simply cannot have a "man cave" without a tv... and we aren't talking about a litle 32" screen that gets the job done- we mean the ultra HD, curved or flat screen, over 40 inches. Wall mounted TVs are basically  industry standard- and make sure to get some help when you mount those TVs!


2.) Bar Area: Bonus Points for Kegerator!




What man cave would be complete without a bar area? Even if you're not a drinker- a bar area is a place where people can spend time just shooting the breeze. Our favorite bar areas include interesting lighting integrated into the bar.  Having a kegorator takes it to the next level!


3.) Arcade Games



Coming in around $2500-3500- incorporating  vintage arcade systems into your man cave is not for the faint of heart! They are really that next-level item that  is a great conversation piece ,and can trasport you back to your adolscent self  playing the same game witha pocket full of quarters. To some, the nostalgia is worth it- to others,


4.) Comfy Couch With Ample Seating


man-cave couch


Generally people associate big leather recliners as the standard for man-caves. While recliners are great- you can double your available seats and cut the cost in half by choosing a big, comfy couch instead.  Make sure to provide enough seating to cover the amount of people you generally have over at a time, plus two.


5.) Refrigeration



Sure- you can walk into the other room to grab a soda or cold beer- but what's the point of a man cave if you have to leave it every time you want a drink? It's a small detail, but one that makes all the difference in the world!



4. A Gaming Console - With Surround Sound

Doesn't matter how old men get- if they grew up with console games, then there is a huge likelyhood they will continue to play console games! Nothing like having a few guys over for a beer and some Call of Duty after work, especially  in your own little male haven!


5.) Pool or Fuzeball Table


There is just something about pool, fuzeball, and darts that speaks to masculenity. Perhaps a left over from "tough guys" in the movies of yester-year who played pool in shady pool halls surrounded by plumes of smoke- pool tables are associated with all things male-and as an added bonus; they look great!


6.) A Theme



Anyone can throw a couch in a basement and call it a "man cave"- but what distinguishes real man caves from the rest is the decore. Pick a theme- it can be a spoorts team, sport, color or even region like the photo above of a beautiful western themed man cave shown above. A consistent theme allows your personality to shine through, and allows you to make the space truly your own little hide away !


In the end-

What is important is that your man cave meets all of your own personal wants and needs. There isn't really a "right" answer in regards to design. That is the beauty of it- you have options! The six essentials above can be a launching point as you continue the process of  creating your very own man-cave!


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Date Published: 3/2/2016

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